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Nonlinear Phenomena in Evolutionary Partial Differential Equations
15:30 - 17:30, October 6, 2020 (Tuesday)
R440, Astronomy-Mathematics Building, NTU
(台灣大學天文數學館 440室)
Niche Theory and Competitive Lotka-Volterra System
Zhi Hao Shi (National Taiwan University)


The prediction and measurement of ecological niche are fundamental part of modern ecology in both practical and theoretical aspects. It has strong relationship with competitive Lotka-Volterra system and can be served as an intuitive approach to study competition interaction.
I will introduce some basic idea of niche theory in the first few parts and talk about my recent study of the connection between niche theory and traveling wave theory in 2 component DLV & evolutionary game theory in the last parts of this speech.
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[4] Nowak, M. A. (2006). Evolutionary dynamics: exploring the equations of life. Harvard university press.


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