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Nonlinear Phenomena in Evolutionary Partial Differential Equations
15:30 - 17:30, October 13, 2020 (Tuesday)
R440, Astronomy-Mathematics Building, NTU
(台灣大學天文數學館 440室)
Special Event: On Writing a Good Thesis
Jia-Yuan Dai (NCTS)


As a special event, I share my experience and rules of thumb on writing a good thesis. Here "good" is irrelevant to mathematical contents, but means precise words, simple sentences, and plain styles. I focus on the following aspects with my draft of thesis as concrete examples of illustration:
1. How to set up a plan of writing?
2. How to structure subsections, sections, and chapters?
3. How to use the three books?
i. On Writing Well (author: William, Zinsser)
ii. SIAM Style Manuel
iii. Writing Mathematical Papers in English (author: Jerzy Trzeciak)
Note on Writing a Good Thesis (authors: Mark Curran, Jia-Yuan Dai, Isabelle Schneider)


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