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NCTS International Geometric Measure Theory Seminar
20:15 - 21:15, March 17, 2021 (Wednesday)
Microsoft Teams, Online seminar
(線上演講 微軟 共同作業軟體)
Mean Curvature Flow with Generic Initial Data
Felix Schulze (University of Warwick)

A well-known conjecture of Huisken states that a generic mean curvature flow has only spherical and cylindrical singularities. As a first step in this direction Colding-Minicozzi have shown in fundamental work that spheres and cylinders are the only linearly stable singularity models. As a second step toward Huisken's conjecture we show that mean curvature flow of generic initial closed surfaces in avoids asymptotically conical and non-spherical compact singularities. We also show that mean curvature flow of generic closed low-entropy hypersurfaces in is smooth until it disappears in a round point. The main technical ingredient is a long-time existence and uniqueness result for ancient mean curvature flows that lie on one side of asymptotically conical or compact self-similarly shrinking solutions. This is joint work with Otis Chodosh, Kyeongsu Choi and Christos Mantoulidis.

Registration through the seminar website https://sites.google.com/ncts.ntu.edu.tw/international-gmt-seminar required.


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