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AS-NCTS Seminar on Geometry
Time: September 1, 2020 - July 31, 2021
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16:00-17:00, January 15, 2021
Equivalence Problem of 5-dimensional Real Hypersurfaces of Type C2,1
Wei Guo Foo (Academia Sinica)
16:00-17:00, November 13, 2020
Free-Boundary Minimal Lagrangians in Complex Space Forms
Jesse Madnick (NCTS)
16:00-17:00, October 30, 2020
Stability on Normal Projective Varieties over Perfect Fields
Hung-Yu Yeh (Academia Sinica)
16:00-17:00, October 16, 2020
A Wess--Zumino--Witten Type Equation in the Space of Kähler Potentials in Terms of Hermitian--Yang--Mills Metrics
Kuang-Ru Wu (Academia Sinica)
16:00-17:00, September 18, 2020
Soliton Solutions for Lagrangian Mean Curvature Flow and Related Problems
Wei-Bo Su (Academia Sinica)
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