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Jungkai Chen
National Taiwan University & NCTS
January 1, 2015 -

In the recent development of civilization, science and technology play the pivotal roles. Among the science and technology, theoretical sciences are undoubtedly the foundation. In fact, any highly developed countries are at the same time the countries with solid researches in fundamental sciences. Therefore, in the year 1997, National Center for Theoretical Sciences (NCTS) was established by National Science Council. Since its establishment, NCTS has completely changed the mathematical society and the society of theoretical physics.

The achievement of NCTS during the past decades was remarkable. Various national-wide research groups, seminars and workshops emerged by the support of NCTS. The programs of cultivation the youth have been very successful that almost all active Taiwanese mathematicians, either in Taiwan or abroad are highly related to NCTS. Moreover, NCTS host about 30 international workshops and about 300 foreign visitors visitors each year.   

Despite the success of past NCTS, there are increasing challenges. The rapidly changing world produces new problems and new challenges in mathematical sciences. These newly developed topics usually required excellent researchers with broader view. With these challenges in mind, it is therefore of fundamental important for the Center to integrate the existing resources, cooperate with researchers in different locations and develop a flexible operational framework to build a global center of excellence.

Toward the pursuit of being a global center of excellence, we would like to emphasize “global” and “excellence”. The globalization should be realized in two aspects: by consolidate further international cooperation, and by cooperate with scholars in Taiwan. Therefore, we propose the idea of OPEN NCTS. We invite and welcome active mathematicians (possibly none of them areTaiwanese) to form Research Pairs to do their research in NCTS. We open call for proposalsof programs for research teams. All the programs, events, activities, and supports are designed to serve all excellent mathematicians and students around Taiwan. Visitors from all over the world are welcome to NCTS, where one can escape from usual daily life and enjoy a fruitful mathematical vacation.


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