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Number Theory and Representation Theory

Program Committee: 


 Chieh-Yu Chang (NTHU), Chun-Ju Lai (AS), Fu-Tsun Wei (NTHU), Yifan Yang (NTU, committee chair)


Description of program: 

Number theory is a traditional and active research area with connections to many other areas of mathematics and science. Representation theory is nowadays an important subject with applications in many other areas and has become indispensable in many branches of modern number theory. The program of Number Theory and Representation Theory at the NCTS covers a wide spectrum of algebra, number theory, and representation theory, e.g., Iwasawa theory, special values over function fields, arithmetic geometry, modular forms and Shimura curves, vertex operator algebras, Lie theory and representation theory of related algebraic structures. 


Affiliated members:

Chieh-Yu Chang (NTHU), Chih-Whi Chen (NCU), Yen-Tsung Chen (NTHU), Shun-Jen Cheng (AS), Meng-Kiat Chuah (NTHU),


Oguz Gezmis (NTHU), Jia-Wei Guo (NTU), Ryotaro Harada (NTHU), Liang-Chung Hsia (NTNU), Ming-Lun Hsieh (AS),


Chun-Ju Lai (AS), Ching Hung Lam (AS), Changningphaabi Namoijam (NTHU), Yung-Ning Peng (NCU), Nobuo Sato (NTU), 


Yasuhiro Terakado (AS), Kazuki Tokimoto (AS), Tzu-Yue Wang (AS), Fu-Tsun Wei (NTHU), Tse-Chung Yang (NTU),


Yifan Yang (NTU), Chia-Fu Yu (AS), Wei-Hsuan Yu (NCU).


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